OptTest project - final reports and overview

25 Nov 2017

From 2014 until September 2017  GNP+ and community organisations in 

Estonia (http://ehpv.ee/en/)

Greece (http://positivevoice.gr/)

Germany ( https://en.aidshilfe.de/ )

Poland (https://fes.edu.pl/)

Portugal (http://www.sermais.com.pt/ )  took part in the OptTest project   http://www.opttest.eu - Optimising testing and linkage to care for HIV across Europe - which  received funding from the European Union within the framework of the 2nd Health Programme.

In addition, with extra funding organisations in Belarus ( http://www.hiv.by/) and the Ukraine ( http://network.org.ua/en/ ) were able to take part in the project.

An overview of the work can be found here .

As well as detailing across the WHO Europe region  (via the  Barring The Way To Health website ) the Legal and regulatory barriers which impede the HIV care continuum in Europe, in each of the countries  follow up work case studies and lessons learnt were gathered on the way stigma impacts on the care continuum

The case studies produced as a result of the work are attached in both word and in pdf format

The stigma index implementations that formed the basis for the work can be found oj each of the individual country pages; for example the PLHIV Stigma Index implementation and results for Poland can be found at http://www.stigmaindex.org/poland

 Specifically as part of this project the implementation of the PLHIV Stigma Index in Greece was supported . This also can be found in the relevant country pages


Additionally for those wishing to view the simple question results we have made it possible to download graphs showong how respondents respondedx to certain questions.