The People Living with HIV Stigma Index acknowledged as being a critical tool in supporting the community response

9 Sep 2015

The new publication from UNAIDS and Stop AIDS Alliance, Communities deliver: The critical role of communities in reaching global targets to end the AIDS epidemic, was published in August 2015, and features information about the Stigma Index on p.59.

The report draws on evidence of the many ways in which communities are advancing the response to AIDS, and the evidence for the effectiveness of these responses, particularly through advocacy, service provision, community based research and financing.


The People Living with HIV  Stigma Index, by increasing the evidence base for policies and programmes to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and to ensure people living with HIV, their networks and their local communities are at the centre of the response to AIDS, is a perfect example of how communities of people living with HIV are part of the solution, not the problem. Over the last decade, the Stigma Index has collected data from over 40,000 people living with HIV.